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Child Human Nutrition
Nutrition is important, especially for the childs good health and development. Good nutrition for your child from an early age will help prevent many diseases from occurring in later life. Children naturally do not know what good nutrition consists of this is why providing information is vital. Their choice of food is not always the best, usually the food and snacks that taste good are usually those that are bad for you and a child will naturally choose junk over healthy food. Providing them with the right nutrition at an early age will help them to make better choices as they grow older. It is necessary not only for good health but also help them live longer.

Why is it important? 

  • Essential to gain healthy weight and height 
  • To concentrate in school  
  • Retaining good memory 

To prevent nutritional deficiencies such as anemia and vitamin D. All which lead to further complications later on in life. Growing bones and muscles. From birth to the age of 5 the human body goes through its most rapid growth. In childhood, healthy and strong bones are imperative so that they do not injure their muscles or break their bones due to lack of nutrients.

Food benefit examples: 

  • Calcium-strengthen bones Lack of it- osteoporosis later life 
  • Foods- milk, cheese, yogurt, Protein, eggs and lean meat. Fuels and builds on muscle

Children need good nutrition because their bodies are growing and developing. A childs diet tends to be high in sugar and starch depleting their bodies of essential nutrients. Good nutrition is vital for optimal growth and energy. Obesity in children has doubled. Essential to gain healthy weight and try and prevent obesity. Obesity has other health related problems such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Junk foods all contribute towards weight gain.

Children are influenced by what their parents eat, so if their parents eat unhealthy then their child will follow suit. Childhood is where lifelong habits are formed. Learning concentration is affected. The childs performance vary much related to their eating habits. Children need good nutrition to avoid food allergies. Most packaged foods contain very little of the original nutrients. Unhealthy eating results in lifelong health problems and diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.  

Good nutrition helps repair and minimizes damage that has formed in our bodies.