Diploma TESOL


Diploma level TESOL (Diploma in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages)

Who is the Diploma for?

The Educe Diploma TESOL is intended for all teachers of English to speakers of other languages, who have had at least one year full-time teaching experience either in their home country or elsewhere, whether English is the teacher’s first, second or foreign language. Or the student has previously completed a Cert_TESOL or Cert_TEFL. 

The award of the Educe Diploma indicates that the holder is considered by Educe to be a fully competent and effective practising member of the TESOL profession. It is also an indication of the holder’s readiness to offer support to less experienced teachers.

Course Format:

  • Online course - Long distance (With a personal tutor from the UK)
  • Classroom learning at one of our Educe centres (With a native English teacher)

Course Duration:

  • The Online course (Distant course) will typically take between 8-12 weeks to complete  if studied vigorously. We go at your speed and allow you to complete the course within your own time for flexibilty
  • The classroom course spans over 4 months full time study. Covering 120 HOURS (Classroom and home study required)

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of the course, successful trainees will:

  • Be equipped with the extensive skills and knowledge to teach and train English
  • Have excellent knowledge of Linguistics and English Language
  • Develop a strong awareness of the learning needs of individuals or groups of learners
  • Have the ability to design a range of lesson plans with clear and achievable aims, using appropriate methods for learners with various needs
  • Have the ability to manage and stimulate active participation among a class of learners
  • Understand the main advantages and disadvantages of various language teaching approaches
  • Have the ability to evaluate their own effectiveness as teachers and to work cooperatively as members of a teaching team or group
  • Understand the importance of continuing their professional development as English teachers after training


  • Students are given clear guidance at the start of every course as to how their written and practical work is to be assessed.
  • All Students will have a personal native English tutor who will provide you with full support.
  • There are assignments at the end of each module. You will complete these and send them to your course tutor
  • Feedback is comprehensive and will include comments on your work, together with suggestions and recommendations.
  • We recommend the completed modules be sent one at a time so the Student can benefit by tutor’s feedback

Course Price:

The Online Diploma-TESOL (Long-distance course) is £300

The Classroom Diploma-TESOL (classroom course) is £450

How to Apply:

Please contact us for an application form and payment methods using the contact page, or click here.

 Learning at Educe Academy International centre (classroom based).

The holder of a Educe Diploma in TESOL has demonstrated an established base of theoretical knowledge and practical ability, together with a commitment to further personal professional development, and can aspire to a range of positions combining management, training and teaching responsibilities. Educe does not require candidates to conform linguistically to all features of British Standard English or Received Pronunciation. However, their language skills in all areas must be of a standard appropriate to a qualified teacher of English, given the special status that this confers on an individual and the particular demands that it makes.