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Why choose Business English

Business English specialises in work based English to ensure the right vocabulary is learnt to do the job required. Eliminating General English helps to achieve academic and professional goals in a short time frame. Most companies do not have the finances or time scale to wait for the employee to go through the process of learning English. As a business, if you waste time, you lose money.

Companies recognise that their employees’ potential can be greatly enhanced by developing effective language skills and that this can have a positive effect on achieving the ambitions of the business. So you will be giving yourself a strategic advantage by showing you have the language skills employers need in order to compete effectively in the global market place.

Course content

Job Applications

Answering the Telephone

Front Desk

Analysing Data



Business Emails


For candidates to be certified from Educe Academy UK the overall result of the final exam will need to be a pass or above.

The Business English preliminary prepares you to sit the Cambridge BEC Preliminary exam

Preliminary - is aimed at the elementary and lower-intermediate English language speakers, and students preparing for a career in business.

This course gives you useful language and phrases to improve your spoken communication skills in English in different business situations. Each section features audio, target language, quizs’ and unit tests.

You'll also have the opportunity to practise your new spoken skills, with plenty of conversation based learning, which enhances the new business English language learnt. Here at Educe we believe there is more to business English than just a text book. That is why our teachers are specially chosen and excel in their field of work.